Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why LeTip?

When potential new members ask "Why LeTip?" there are a few specific answers that can be given. The following is a rundown on good responses to help differentiate our network group from others.

1. LeTip set the standard.

LeTip developed the original program over 31 years ago. Right from the beginning, LeTip has had one focus... to put dollars in our members' pockets.

2. LeTip created a program just for you.

LeTip's program structure provides a proven plan for member success. By adhering to our system, chapters grow and members reap the many rewards that come with group effort.

3. LeTip fosters commitment.

Our structure sets us apart from casual, drop-in groups which don't require regular attendance. Showing up once in a while means members are not really committed. LeTip members are dedicated to networking, not socializing.

4. LeTip leads are qualified.

Casual groups don't require their members to bring qualified leads to meetings. Such groups don't require much else either... and that is what you'll generally get back, not much!

LeTip members clearly understand that finding leads and building trust take time and they are willing to put in the effort. The bottom line is, you want real referrals, from real people, who really need your product or service - not vague leads with unqualified information. LeTip members provide valid Tips!

5. LeTip supports and educates members.

Since 1978, LeTip has been committed to educating members and providing information through our Regional Directors and corporate staff. We actively support members with professional seminars in the art of networking. We provide training for board and committee members, a national website with member and chapter listings, the "LeTip Library" for members only, marketing tools for chapters, and an upbeat, positive, corporate culture.

6. LeTip saves you marketing time and money.

LeTip meetings enable you to condense your new business prospecting into a mere 90 minutes a week. Considering that 30% to 75% of new business comes from referrals, weekly meetings save you marketing time and expense, while increasing your exposure.

Attend a meeting and meet the sales team that can put the word out about your business!

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